Global Technologies provides different types of services according to each client’s requirements.

Design, sale, installation and maintenance of No-Kalt Systems under annual or one-time services agreements, as the case may be.

We operate according to the JIT method in connection with deliveries and facilities with stocks geographically based in the area of operation. The same policy is instrumented in several countries depending on local requirements and may be combined with local supervision and instruction. We not only work in wells but in every equipment or tubing having temperature problems. This includes all ancillary Calculations, Projects, Engineering, Services and products required by the operation.

Feeding, protection, command, and signaling systems can be added where necessary. The purpose is to offer a turn key system and an easy operation in all cases.



We adapt to the clients’ needs regarding the transportation and delivery of equipment and materials.

No-Kalt Installation

The company’s trained teams are responsible for installation operations at the well, always working together with the staff handling the pulling equipment.

Surface works

Temperature problems continue on the surface and must be foreseen to round out the advantages obtained in the subsoil. Our teams are at your disposal for this.


Global Technologies provides what is necessary in calculation and engineering issues, whether for new or developed projects in the thermal and electric area.

Electrical works

As part of our auxiliary services, our company provides switchboards and low and medium tension feeding.


From the simplest to the most complex ones, Global Technologies provides protection, control and command low and medium tension switchboards especially developed for several applications.


Results do not take long. From the very moment it starts operating, problems disappear.


The prevention of deficiencies generates very high operating returns, which avoid the loss of profits and repair costs.


We answer the most frequent questions. Contact us here for additional doubts.


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