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Global Technologies designs and devolops systems to improve the flow of viscous fluids or those with temperature problems by integrating its creative know how with all the development steps of a comprehensive business.

Given the great success of the products, later incorporated the electric and field works areas in response to market requirements.

Being a young company, it has among its main assets the experience of its members and a vast knowledge of the oil industry, having participated in No-Kalt’s technical and business development.

In spite of its short history, the company is allready operating in several countries and projects are succeding throughout the region.


Results do not take long. From the very moment it starts operating, problems disappear.


The prevention of deficiencies generates very high operating returns, which avoid the loss of profits and repair costs.


We answer the most frequent questions. Contact us here for additional doubts.


Tel/Fax (54 11) 4554 5665 or 4554 3289
0800 - 888 - GLOBAL -
Zapiola 1415 - CP: C1426AUC
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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