Return on Investment

Investment return calculations are not complex. Two factors must be considered to analyze it:

The first factor derives from counterpressure reduction. This increases flow.

The second factor is the improvement of operations, maintenance and the useful life of the equipment used.

In the first case, there can be observed an instant increase of production; in the second case, results are observed in the integral production of the well with the passing of time, to which we can add the increase in production, and the reduction of repair costs and interventions.

In some cases, it is impossible to avoid sporadic maintenance interventions in pumps, but the use of Series 4000 NK allows to make interventions without pulling in situations where this would not be possible without using it due to fluid viscosity and the impossibility to remove it. This reduces both intervention costs and the time the well is out of operation. As the system requires no maintenance at all, the only cost to be considered is power consumption. Production is usually increased by 20-100%, in periods of less than a year. This analysis is for existing wells and wells operating with problems. However, we have ample experience in wells that could not be operated without No-Kalt, in which case this calculation is simplified to the possibility of operating the well or losing it. In these circumstances, the return on the investment is immense, as the production alternative is zero and preparation of the well, a loss.

Comparative Temperature Chart

As shown in the graph, the sublaminar effect of the rising temperature of contact is the benefit generated by No-Kalt ™ to obtain a specific result with lower energy consumption.

Schematic Comparative Production

The ROI is less than 12 months in 98% of observed cases.


Results do not take long. From the very moment it starts operating, problems disappear.


The prevention of deficiencies generates very high operating returns, which avoid the loss of profits and repair costs.


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