Ultimate Solution No-Kalt™

Oil wells and types

No-Kalt™ is a tubing heating system that is affixed to it along the appropriate length and generates the heat needed to maintain its walls at a higher temperature.

The purpose is not always to increase the temperature of the ascending fluid, but in most cases we go to the limit of the temperature of the laminated coating in the internal surface of the tubing. This generates a very low viscosity film that has various and very positive results.

No-Kalt™ geometry and accessories have a significant effect on the results thereof and are critical for its correct operation.

In high viscosity wells

The counterpressure problem and the impossibility of production for temperature drop are well known. This is part of the basic exploitation problem of this type of crudes. No-Kalt™ completely eliminates all counterpressure problems and allows operating this type of wells relatively easily.

In paraffin wells

Viscosity is not necessarily the issue here, where the problem is the deposit of solid molecules fully or partially blocking the production tubing. The process here is similar. Paraffin is not deposited on the warm surface and blocking is simply avoided.

Obstructed Tubing


Results do not take long. From the very moment it starts operating, problems disappear.


The prevention of deficiencies generates very high operating returns, which avoid the loss of profits and repair costs.


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