1. Is there any prior experience in the use of No-Kalt?

    The first prototypes were installed in 1999 and continue in operation, having its use extended to several countries.

  2. Which is its principal use?

    In paraffin wells or with high viscosity it prevents the problems generated in that kind of wells. It is a preventive method, contrary to most of existing methods, which have a corrective or palliative effect.

  3. Which is the voltage necessary?

    Low tension triphasic feeding: 380, 440, 480 or 600 or up to 1000 Volts. It is always fed with the zone’s available voltage.

  4. What is their useful life?

    If the equipment is properly handled, its useful life can be much more than 20 years.

  5. Can it be repaired in the event of an accident caused by a bad maneuver?

    Yes, any breakage may be resolved on the spot, provided it is not total destruction.

  6. Which is the expected investment recovery period?

    In most cases, less tan 12 months.

  1. What shall I have?

    Electric power and a pulling operation. Installation is in charge of Global’s personnel. Power may come from a line or generator.

  2. What is the result I can expect from the equipment?

    Any problem derived from a drop in temperature is immediately corrected. A maintenance schedule may be set to avoid stoppages due to permanent breakages. Production comes closer to actual well potential, as restrictions are eliminated. The result varies from well to well.

  3. Is anything special needed?

    No, the system is simple and practical and does not require complex tools. The only special element is the head of the well, which has a duct for the power cable.

  4. What happens if I have to make an intervention for whatever reason?

    The equipment is removed together with the tubing and then it is normally reinstalled. There are no limitations to this operation.

  5. Note: These are the most frequent questions we have received. Answers address general cases. Particular situations shall be analyzed with the company’s specialized personnel.


Results do not take long. From the very moment it starts operating, problems disappear.


The prevention of deficiencies generates very high operating returns, which avoid the loss of profits and repair costs.


We answer the most frequent questions. Contact us here for additional doubts.


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